Games21 July 2014

As long as we're pluggin Kickstarters... new DCC module with players guide!

Posted by Rich

Perils on the Purple Planet looks crazy awesome. With players guides for a mere $5 (not including a $squillion for postage - ^%&^%Goodman Games@%$#^&*!!). Us Judges have to pay $50 if we want the whole she-bang. Gadzooks!I will spring for it because I've been waiting for this one but that price is way OTT for a module IMO.

Submitted by Rich]

Games13 July 2014

Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition - Kickstarter

Posted by Paul

Euan and Elliot will remember this as the pretty fun rules-light Sword & Sorcery game where you travel from point A to point B and sometimes even C.

This is the least dumb Kickstarter I've seen yet - ten pounds gets you the PDF and for a hardcopy you just upgrade to a print-on-demand from RPGNow.

Games09 July 2014


Posted by Paul

[Submitted by Paul]
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